feces smell (fala7a) wrote in un_poetic,
feces smell

hey. i've been writing poetry since i was a kid (i'm 20 now) so its been the way i've always expressed myself. my LJ has become my new  journal (because i usually find myself in front of the computer). i don't think i follow any traditional style so my poetry has been referred to as confusing. they are all really short and most of them don't have titles... im not good with titles. yeah i'm pretty emotional, but i like feedback. the last poem is the most recent, the first one the oldest.

you're some carnivore
chewing on my flesh
and you spit out my skin
saying you don't want all of me
but you know you've still got pieces of it
between your teeth.

never say never
your list
it's listless

i sense you're restless
i see in twos
that's twice
you said (you said)

save your story
for that novel
you'll write.


after the others
i surrendered
to another

yes it was important
the thing i was trying to say

your skin
makes me wish
i kept it in.

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