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Hi, I'm Mandie. I'm no one special really. Just another teen-ager trying to find my voice. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia where I write my heart out. Livejournal is my poetry journal, though I occasionally have friends only posts for polls, surveys, and things of that nature. You know, those "post a memory of me" kinda things that have been floating around.

The following are three poems I've written recently. One that I feel is fairly good and represents me well, one that I need some work on, and one just for fun. Leave any criticism you like, I welcome it. Hence the reason for joining this community.

1. Me

Idle Wishes

ill lie but youll believe me
because im a wonderful liar when im telling the truth
and your so blinded that everything i say is right
even tho its wrong
bc you know that nothing can last forever
not even this drought of hopelessness
and this sea of love

ill ask you if your fine
and youll tell me im perfect
none of it matters
bc we're all fools in this world of fools
in this wretched basin of trash and lies

we are the fools who stand alone
speaking the truth to the throngs of nothingness
to no one who will listen
we are the ones that no one wants to hear
but we speak it loud anyway
because we know they don't know
what is real
and what is perfect
or what wil ultimately mean

i lie but you believe me
im wrong but you think im right
your perfect though your flawed
and thats the beauty of it all

in my memory

2. Needs Work

A Train - Next Stop Happiness

i think ive done it
finally found that train
that train to take me to happiness
if there is such a place
as though it were a physical metropolis
where love and intimancy have verbal disagreements
in the middle of dream street
and fate and destiny can discuss their resemblance to each other
while strolling along life avenue
humor and laughter are the best of friends
and smiles and grins dance elated in the fields
buildings are erected and filled with hundreds of offices
where research is conducted to rid the world of boredom
and its favorite place to dwell, depression
depression is a stones throw away from happiness
it lies on the other side of mediocre boulevard
where anger and frustration thrive
and suicide can have a field day
but i think ive done it
ive finally found it
and ill live in happiness forever

3. Fun

I'm right to scream

i want to scream
scream at the top of my lungs
and let it all out
let out all the distaste and anger thats
been building up
but i open my mouth and
all i hear is silence
no blood curdling scream
no pathetic cry for help
its as though you've stolen my voice
my voice
my means of expression
my way of fulfilling my
right as a woman to yell,
scream, cry, laugh, talk, gasp, and
most importantly, just be heard
i wont have it
you wont steal my voice
just as you wont steal my heart
they are mine to keep
they are mine
they have always been mine
but i want to scream

i want to scream

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