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un_poetic's Journal

honest,straightforward&unbiased poetry critiquing
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un_poetic is a community of poets, offering honest, straightforward and unbiased critiquing of your poetry and prose.

This community offers open membership, which allows all members to post freely. However, please take time to read through the membership guidelines before joining or posting.

The guidelines are fairly simple, and are similar in style to some of the other poetry communities on livejournal.

+ All new members are required to post 3 (three) original works in any poetic style(s) of their choosing, along with a brief bio, and any pertinent information about what expectations they have from joining the community. This does not need to be an essay -- we'd just like to know a little about you and why you chose to submit your works.

+ After you have submitted your 3 original works, our ever-growing panel of poetry critics will offer constructive criticism, tips, and feedback, in an effort to help you improve your talents and visions. Each review will begin with an overall "yes" or "no" vote, which will add up to an eventual inclusion or exclusion from the voting panel.

+ We believe that there is NO SUCH THING AS A BAD POET, and will not tolerate pretention, faux-elitism, or unnecessary negativity towards any member. Instead, we strive to create an atmosphere where constructive criticism is utilized, and hope that all who visit and post will walk away with the ability to improve their work in some area. Do not be discouraged if you are eventually "stamped" with a NO -- keep writing, reading, and experimenting, and come back later with another submission!

A little more information:
Please keep all posts on-topic. Any off-topic posts or ads for other communities will be deleted, and multiple-offenders will be banned. If you'd like to post an ad for your community (or anything else that's considered OffTopic), please clear it with me first, as I will occasionally allow OT posts.

Please post ALL poems/prose behind a cut unless they are extremely short (under 10 lines or so).

This is not an age-restricted community--please keep this in mind when posting potentially offensive or mature subject-matter, and clearly mark all "mature" posts as such.

Until you have received a YES stamp, please REFRAIN from critiquing others' submissions. It's only fair that we allow each member the same opportunities. Any member who repeatedly critiques or comments before receiving a YES stamp will have to be banned. :\

Meet the moderators:
lipglosstar - owner, list maintainer, and harsh mistress
katykaboom - moderator, maintainer and diplomat

-- feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.